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Welcome to the Updated LEAF Website!

VISION & MISSION  Our interests and our dreams for the future

Life Encounter A(sia) Foundation is an organization that is all about how you can encounter

yourself, others
and the Other, through life-changing experiences, coaching and

development of skills.


The heart of the LEAF Foundation is to develop a balanced life and improve the well being

of individuals and families by helping them to grow emotionally, relational and spiritually.

LEAF assists people in developing their skills (vocational and artistic skills) by providing

scholarships, micro loans and coaching.

We plant seeds in order to establish a self sufficient life for individuals as well as families.

Most of the LEAF activities are taking place in Asia.

The LEAF Foundation translates in Thai as    

, which stands for

'life is blossoming'

LEAF is branching out to the needy and

those who want to flourish in life.

Other activities

In Young Professionals Encounter people who are not yet committed to anyone else will

get to know themselves and the Other better.


Couples Encounter is an event, where couples learn to be open with one another and learn

how to communicate on a deeper level and find more satisfaction in life as a couple. 


One course we have been giving for several years is called Sharpening Your Interpersonal

Skills  and is worth checking out. SYIS


Information on courses in Asia on Child raising, Teenagers, Communication, etc. can be 

found on the Events & Activities page.

For detailed information feel free to inquire via the Contact Us page.

Info for the Dutch: 

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What's new?

Discover new things about Asia and the countries we work in.

Pictures in Photo Gallery will show you the beauty of the people of the region.

Stories will enhance your imagination about the people in this part of the world.


Link to NCS Counseling & Training

                   in Bangkok, who are affiliated to LEAF.